Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's hereditary.

And I'm pretty sure my son has it.  One second, he is the sweetest, most loving kid, and the next he is a completely different person.  I swear even his appearance changes.  His normally lovely brown eyes seem to turn completely black.  Everything you say is answered, with "No."  Sometimes, I wonder if a priest may be needed more than a psychologist.  I'm not joking.  Sadly.

Fortunately, they have tried him on new medications, Strattera and Tenex, that is working wonders for him.  He is like a complexly different person.  He is growing more responsible and blossoming before our eyes.  It's a beautiful thing.

In other news, things with my on again off again husband are deteriorating rapidly.  He cannot talk to me even one without throwing out insults, barbs and criticism.  The stalking  I just cannot handle it too  much longer.  It is making the depression so much worse.  I hate it.  It is making me hate him.

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