Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The in-between

The in-between is, well, mostly normal. You are not distracted by racing thoughts or unable to concentrated because you feel like slitting your wrists in the bathtub.  You function on a somewhat normal balance for awhile.

Today, it feels like an in-between day.  I spent Thursday through Saturday on a manic cycle followed by a debilitating depression that began Sunday and last through last night.  Today, though, it feels okay.   I did have my meds adjusted because I was continuing to cycle, but I don't know if the change today is from that (it is probably too soon for that to take affect), or just a legitimate break that my brain chemistry takes from tormenting me that happens from time to time.  I hope it is the meds because it would be nice to think that I could feel like this for a while.

And, since today is an in-between day, and I feel pretty good, here's a baby hedgehog:

Because they make me happy and I think they should be the mascots for bipolar disorder.

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